Many people think that I am a mix of Greek and Japaneses when they read my name. But,  the Name “Ninos” is very famous among Assyrians (not to be confused with Syira as country). The Assyrians of old testaments (745 BC-605 BC).

Ninus (Greek: Νίνος), according to Greek historians writing in the Hellenistic period and later, was accepted as the eponymous founder of Nineveh (also called Νίνου πόλις “city of Ninus” in Greek), Ancient capital of Assyria” Wikipedia

Many people ask me about my last name. And, I see many people googling statements such as: what nationality is the name youkhana?

Youkhana or Youkana is the Aramaic word for John.

Anytime you meet someone by name Ninos Youkkhana, then he is %100 Assyrian.