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Coffee Shop Politics

Advising on American Foreign Policy in Iraq and the region (Christian Voice)

  1. A few missing thoughts about ISIS: Inside the Army of Terror
  2. I am sorry Saddam…A nation longing for leadership or dictatorship?
  3. Assyrians…Coffee shop politics…what is next for Iraq?
  4. Change the TV Channel…Coffee shop of American Foreign Policy
  5. The Husseins of my life…True story
  6. April 9…fall and rise of Baghdad
  7. A rising threat bigger than al-Qaeda and ISIS is on the rise in America

Comics and Sketchnotes

  1. www.KneeNose.com
  2. Management Position Interview
  3. 27,000 Words in One SketchNotes
  4. 2014 memoir in sketchnotes
  5. Twitter Romance
  6. Lost in Social Media
  7. My life in sketchnote…So far
  8. Corporate Ethics
  9. Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook Addiction
  10. The Intelligence Index of America 2020
  11. thinkinG outsidE thE boX
  12. What’s in a name?
  13. LinkedIn Post
  14. American Psychopath 2020


  1. Thank you DHL!…Holy Pope Francis blessed my clothes!
  2. Domain in a Box
  3. I was Punked in 2014

Startup Thoughts

  1. Say happy work anniversary…Three years at the US Embassy in Baghdad… Artificial automatic courtesies
  2. Iraq’s Amazon.com could leapfrog to Bitcoin
  3. Eulogy of my startup
  4. Insha’Allah Strategy
  5. Are You Predestined to the Kingdom of Silicon Valley?
  6. Domain names: Cool Name or 2-3 words?
  7. Eight Secrets of Startup
  8. Does LinkedIn Endorsements hold credibility?
  9. Will Facebook and Twitter be the next Black Swan?
  10. Entrepreneurship Management Lessons from Life
  11. How I promoted my idea and domain name to 10K people on Facebook for free!
  12. Currency for the Attention Based Economy
  13. Reaction to “The Dip” Book
  14. The Query of You
  15. Marketing Inspired by Pirates and Socrates

My thoughts:

  1. Maktoob
  2. Beauty and Free Will
  3. Forget about Passion!
  4. Happiness from Lalastan
  5. James Gandolfini is in Basrah…Arab Actors learn this!
  6. Why I love blogging?…The arch of our life victories!
  7. Could complimenting women be a blessing to men?…Liberation from religious childhood taboo!
  8. Raped by your own brain…Mental training from Stoic Philosophy
  9. I am testing God…I cracked the Jewish code…Philanthropic act!
  10. One brain workout…Inspired by James Altucher
  11. Where Fat Tony Meets Big Tony!
  12. The Sword of Damocles
  13. That Phone Call: A Call of Hope
  14. What is capitalistically ethical?

My Life

  1. Life Goal of Reading 10,000 Books
  2. Names that Echo History
  3. New Year’s Eve with Absolut Vodka
  4. Between Baghdad and Baghdaddys…a drunken man prayer
  5. 300,000 Pages and One Book
  6. 400,000 pages in Baghdad
  7. I was brainwashed too
  8. In Searching for a Next Dream
  9. Pressing into History’s Footnotes
  10. Living with the curse of wanting it all
  11. 10 minutes away…and the last walk
  12. I am supplement-aholic on 49 pills a day!
  13. We all have an “Off Button”…Will it get pushed today?
  14. Why do I blog for free?
  15. From One End to the Other
  16. American Years
  17. Pivoting Moment in Life
  18. Three Adjectives that Define Me
  19. Turning 36
  20. Origin of the name Ninos
  21. Is it a Nationality or Hyphenated Personality?
  22. From club hopping to embassy hopping…partying next to ISIS…my crazy future
  23. Kalsu…Worst day of my life
  24. I hacked my university…Twice!
  25. The fault in my stars, they aligned! (Part 1)
  26. From the Ptolemaic to Copernican thinking with Nietzsche (Part 2)
  27. Part 1- Louis Vuitton’s Guide to Successful Living
  28. Part 2 – Diesel D:CODE for Successful living and 40X40 = Rolex

My work

  1. The Birth of Coffee Shop Politics
  2. The curse of a dream job
  3. Working with Mr. Corporate A
  4. “Some” is modifying speaking culture
  5. Iraqis vs. Indians in Iraq
  6. Laziness in Perspective – a management lesson (comic included)
  7. Be there…on the Cornice, and here is why…
  8. June 16, 2014 will live in my memory…U.S. Embassy Baghdad, World Cup, Michael Schumacher, Argo
  9. Camaraderie of “Red Solo Cups” in the world of contractors!
  10. Nearly a “Black Hawk Down” experience…Leadership?
  11. Trapped between insults and thank you…Chicken or beef?
  12. Karma gets its debt instantly from me!
  13. Dealing with Asshole from Asshole-stan…Diplomacy or military tactics?
  14. I have LTS disorder from my Linguist’s life in Iraq…Are you infected?


  1. How is your day?…On Travel
  2. How I Blew $100,000 On Travel…Without Any Regrets!
  3. Part 1- Chicago and the Assyrian Vote (2016)
  4. Part 2- A Flâneur in Istanbul (2016)
  5. Part 3- Bangkok between Anticipation and Reality (2016)
  6. Part 1- On the way to Malta (2015)
  7. Part 2 – Standing sublimely on the edge of Malta (2015)
  8. 39th birthday…Part 1- Italy and the blue sign of fun (Oct, 2015)
  9. 39th birthday…Part 2- I Am Italian (Oct, 2015)
  10. 38th birthday…flying over ISIS through its Turkish gateway…walking where Socrates walked…crosses on donkeys
  11. Day 1- On the way to Chicago through Amman via RJ
  12. Day 2 – On the way to Amman
  13. Day 3 – on the way to Chicago via Royal Jordanian
  14. A Travel Principle I will only violate for Brazil