Recently, many of us are being endorsed and endorsing other people’s skills. I asked many of my friends to endorse me, and they have. Indeed, I endorsed their skills. I started to wonder if “Endorsement” holds any value. I did some research on the Internet, and I failed to find any strategic value being defined by LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Endorsement

In my opinion, “Endorsement” has no value and no credibility. The reason is simple: friends will always endorse friends. I have neither case studies nor external research to cite. My reasoning is purely based on intuitive reasoning and peer feedback.

Alternatively, it seems to have helped LinkedIn more than the members. It most certainly has increased LinkedIn traffic and user session length (LinkedIn has not released this data yet).

My personal feeling is that “Endorsement” is LinkedIn’s version of a “Game”. We should call it “The Endorsement Game” by LinkedIn. It helps entertain members through skill endorsement.

My major concern is this: I hope LinkedIn will not use it in search ranking criteria.

What are your thoughts?