I am Christian Assyrian who was born in the city of Basrah, Iraq in 1976. I become an eye witness testimony to three wars in my life, so far. The war between Iraq and Iran started in 1980 and lasted eight years until 1988. The city was repeatedly bombed by Iran.

The Persian Gulf war (2 August 1990 -28 Feb 1991), was triggered by the invasion of Saddam’s forces of Kuwait. During that time, a war was waged by and led by United States against Iraq in response to the Iraq’s invasion. I witnessed that war. I still remember the sound of combat planes over Basrah. I still remember and saw how missiles launched from planes and hit their target. I still remember the low altitude Cruise missile hitting targets in Basrah. While I was witnessing the war and seeing the flying Apache and Black Hawk helicopters from the ground of Basrah and being considered an enemy, I had no idea what was in store of time for me in my future.

The universe works in a mysterious ways. After 15 years, on March 2003, Operation Iraqi Freedom started. In August 2005, I decided to go to Iraq as an interpreter for the U.S. Army. I was embedded in the very Army that invaded my previous country. I will be translating to the same Army; I was riding the same Black Hawk helicopters used to attack us. I was having discussion and eating lunch and dinner with the same U.S. Army colonels who became Generals who commanded the previous war. We were exchanging our memories from two different positions, while this time; we are sharing the same memories.

What a strange life!… Life will always move on, but history always repeats itself.

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