I am on pause looking at his body language while he sits in front of me reading my blog, then body language included , verbally announcing his verdict: “Bro..I don’t think you can make money out of this blog!”

Inside my head I am thinking: “This person clearly doesn’t have a broad knowledge of life, and the only things he knows are concluded in one or two topics. My guess photography or Pinterest”.

What is the theme of your blog? What do you blog about? Why do you blog? How often do you blog? These are the most common questions I receive from people. Sometimes, I am saddened by their tone of voice in their response after seeing my blog:

Their advice:”Ah…I think you need to have a niche, and you might be doing it wrong.”

“Correct!”, I say. My blog is not meant to fill a niche. It’s not a blog about photography, travel, or 10 ways to use Pinterest. My blog isn’t ONE specific topic. I don’t chase fads. I don’t find discounted reasons (10, 7, or 3) ways to use twitter or best qualities of leadership. there is too much recycled content out there for these topics. They are not for me! I am not in to the “Expert Business”.

And, if I am in a situation to worry about how to make money from my blog using those annoying ads, then I have a bigger problem in my life and I should get a real job.

Just like every book is dedicated to someone. My blog is dedicated to all internet surfing people.

It is about: The real me! my thoughts, my life, my work. whydoIblog

Let me tell you about the main reasons that led me to blog. In these, I hope to convince you to start blogging too:

1. It is my symposium! It is my 24/7 open amphitheater to my internet audience. Through blogging, I share my ideas with people. They flow freely out to the general public.

2- Making a connection! It gives me the ability to strike up conversations with strangers, just like in the train or bookstore. The satisfaction of the connection made with another human being bring joy to my life.

3- Souvenirs from my earlier self! It is about my legacy. I may not be in the public eye a lot, but you and I are 24/7 in the social eye. We have social self. It is a live document updated with every blog, facebook, or twitter post(s). I am writing my history for my family, relatives, and future kids. I am writing the history of my life as I am growing. I am writing about now, which is soon to be the past. I am not going to be able to literally relive these experiences. My memory will decline as time passes. With blogging at least, I will be able to see myself in lost memories. They are the souvenirs from my earlier self.

4- It is a mental pleasure! Simply by remembering the past, it bring a mental pleasure. It is the joy of the thought of the experience compounded by other related thoughts.

5- It is a thread connects past to future! It is not only remembering those random isolated memories, but a way of connecting them that will bring joy to my life.

6- It is about giving! I consider blogging to be one of my ways to give back to humanity. I am sharing with the world my knowledge, my experience, and my life. I tell the world about being Me. About being human. I do this believing that it will touch and make a difference for a random-internet-surfing person’s life in need for some inspiration or encouragement or hope.

7- I lean about myself! I truly feel the difference in my life since I started to blog. I learned and continue to learn more about myself. I find things that interest me and thing I can do. It helps me with my creativity. I noticed myself becoming more creative with blogging.

I hope these reasons will encourage those who are hesitant to blog. As it continues to improve my life, I hope my blog will touch the lives of those internet passing people.