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I like to have brain-sex and make baby ideas. But, before I share with you James Altucher’s secret brain workout, I would like to write a few words about James.

I am an avid reader and until few months ago, James Altucher was an unknown to me. And now, James is a rock star in my world of social media philanthropist, startups, books, blogging, podcasting, twitter…

One day, I was sitting reading a book. I don’t remember which book, but my coworker recommended and insisted that I read James Altucher’s book, titled “Choose Yourself”. And, I remember my conversation with the coworker went something like this:

Coworker: “Ninos, you should really read James Altucher’s book titled ’Choose Yourself’”

james-altucher-why-i-self-published-a-bookMe: ”’Choose yourself?’ What a title!…Is it one of those self-help books? I read many of those. I don’t need another one.”

Coworker: “No…No…You really would love the book. It’s different.”

I can predict the beginning chapters of these self-help books very well. They all have a preacher’s theme, which basically starts along the lines of one recipe with 3 items:

1- Past times were different, time has changed. Now, more than ever I need to read this message.

2- I am in trouble, and if don’t read to this; I will be in big trouble.

3- Do what I say, and you will be saved. With some hidden messages, buy my other books and subscribe to my email list, or reserve your ticket to my next show.

As I promised, this blog is about the secret of Altucher’s brain workout. His brain workout method is:

7 days a week, 1 set, 10 repetitions

It is very hard, but a very effective method. It means, every single day, allocated some time in one sitting, try to generate and write 10 ideas. You can even write down the stupidest ideas you can think of. The point is to exercise your “Idea Muscle” and make it stronger. After 12-24 weeks of doing this, your brain will be an idea machine.

A funny way of putting saying this is that your ideas will have sex with each other, and you will come up with more new ideas. Eventfully, you will end up executing one of those ideas. With a bit of luck, you will be making a lot of money.


Stay Curious: no workout training is complete without a few tips. In one of Altucher’s latest blogs titled “The Most Important Message I Live My Life By”, he recommends to “Stay Curious”. His curiosity starts with the words: “What if?” For example, “What if I switch careers completely? What would I do next?”

Larry Page didn’t say, “I’m going to make another search engine.” He said, “What if I made a search engine that ranked pages by looking at all the high-ranking pages that refer back to a page as opposed to just counting word appearances?”

Trio placing: This is my personal technique. I realized that I am more creative after the following three action items: warm shower, meditation, and a happy moment. Usually, before I sit down and exercise my “Idea Muscle”, I go out and joke with friends and get in a good mood. Secondly, I take a warm shower and stay a few extra minutes under the shower to relax my body. Thirdly, I meditate for five minutes in quietness (I use “Calm app”) followed by 12:56 minutes of my favored relaxing music (I listen to CD2000, Andantino by Alan Roubik).

I found the above technique to help me generates many of my blogs, comics, nice action items, and ideas.

Here is one of my “What if” idea:

If I had the money, then I would create an intelligent Spelling & Grammar 2.0. I am not a native English speaker. I will live the rest of my life handicapped by spelling (check my comic). Secondly, I say things that may sound awkward to a native speaker. I have two other languages in my brain: Aramaic and Arabic, with two cultures inside me.

Spelling & Grammar 2.0 would not only help me in spelling, but would point out that I used the wrong word. I often make a mistake between “previous” and “pervious”. My eyes cannot see the difference. Secondly, I have a feeling that I will spend the rest of my life getting the English prepositions correct in writing. Here are few examples: Is it “on accident”, or “by accident”? Is it “parking” or “barking”? I can go on and on…

Two last things, if you implement my idea, please let me know about it and promise me to give me a life subscription And, I started my list of “Ideas in the shower”.

And, Oh!…Yea, some red wine will help too with music 🙂


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