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* Disclaimer: this blog does not intend to insult anyone or any nationality. It is mainly a funny perspective that was captured in drunken moments.

11:17pm: having drinks with coworkers and friends. I “like” it as much as a Facebook addiction!

Location: Undisclosed

I am having fun, drinking with a few friends. Suddenly, it dawns on me – the irony of life. Things have changed. The pendulum swung. I see Indians coming to work in Iraq. Iraq is a disrupted country going through post-war and post-election turmoil. Yet, Iraqi families have started to have maids in their houses. Iraqi citizens no longer desire, and are rejecting immigration to America – imagine offering a Mexican, who is trying to cross the border, a Green Card and his saying “No” to it. American and British citizens are becoming the Mexicans of Dubai working under Emirate Sheiks.

In the land of Extremistan, dominated by entertainment and sports figures who are enjoying lives above and beyond all others, and average people like myself are falling under the Bell Curve Distribution – NOT EVEN!

Actually day by day, I am being pushed away from a normal distribution, beyond the lower bound to a long tail, which has pushed me to exile myself to a 5-Star prison for the sake of money.

Red Solo CupsIt is my choice to live in it. However, my life turned to be six months of pause, then one month of play. I do have some benefits, such as I can leave my cell any time I like and I have a “landline” phone in my cell. I even have a Flat TV! Food is offered during certain hours, but I am free to go any time during the hours of operation. I can go to the gym or swimming pool whenever I desire. However, my room has no windows. Actually there are no windows in the entire building. Hence, there is no difference between 9:00am or 9:00pm in my cell. I don’t have a bathroom inside. My room’s ceiling has so many pipes and conduits running through it from the second floor. (Some of my coworkers are reminded of a darker time, during the Saddam Hussein Regime, being suspended from pipes in the ceiling. The reader can imagine the rest.)

Oh! Wait…I forgot to mention, compliments are accepted in a form of “Humm…you look sooo…but I’d like to keep my job!

I do have the limited freedom to visit different international prisons such as the Italian, the Dutch, and the U.K. (I love the Italian).

I work in this prison too. Basically, I speak to make money. (Asking some people for their mothers’ name and phone number is one of the highlights of my work.) There are many cubical inmates here too. The land of freedom became the “land of unemployment”.

What f’d me were the corporate monsters. The continuously decaying jobs in corporations, the rising unemployment, the outsourcing of jobs, and the skyrocketing costs of living in America. An invisible enemy has boxed me in the “contracting world” at the corner of “too scared” and “too stressed” to support my struggling family back in America. This enemy has made my cubical inmates and me “prisoners of economy”. I have yet to see a Hollywood movie without one of these corporate monsters running a scheme to kill people.

Some have named contractors as the “cancer of the establishment”, chipping away jobs from secure government positions. Cutting “job corners” by employers has had a deep impact on people’s lives. Some of my coworkers are ready to stay in their jobs for the sake of medical insurance. They are margining the job competition. And those who are of old age are working here for extra income, running away from growing old alone.

Society is crushing us and we are considered to be…..(input your own take on contractors here), taking menial, dead-end jobs, living life in the margins of society. We are so lost in the fog of uncertainty. We don’t even have a way to calculate our future. Newton created Calculus to calculate the future position of moving objects. We have no such calculation for our futures.

From drinking ‘til late at night, consciousness abandoned me when I fell asleep and returned to me the next morning. I opened my eyes to find out that my Nokia phone was lying on the floor in parts. Hmmm…How did that happen?

In a school of bad times, a rare moment in economic history, and Facebook addictions, is a friend truly a friend these days? Is a Facebook friend a real friend? Or will a LinkedIn connection really help us find our next job? Little by little we keep losing…We’ve lost some of our friends…

In the middle of all this fog of life, saying “cheers” with a Red Solo cups is the most important thing. It builds a strong camaraderie above any policy and ethical code. The person next to you now could be your next manager or program manager that will hire you for your next job!


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