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There are many ironies in my life. In this blog, I will share one of them.  I am one of the few, of the 7 BILLION people on this planet, to be able to say the following: “70% of my life has been ruled by the Husseins”.  I started to develop an allergy to the name “Hussein”.  For some odd reason, of the 13.8 BILLION year life of the Universe, this same Universe has produced three “Husseins” to rule, in succession, my life.  Coincidence?  I think not! – is this Universe working against me?



16.5 years of my life was under the rule of Saddam HUSSEIN – In Iraq.

1.5 years of my life was under the rule of King Hussein bin Talal of Jordan.

8 years of my life has been under the rule of Hussein of America – oops, Barack HUSSEIN Obama!

I was born in a country ruled by a dictator named Saddam Hussein took me through two wars and 10 years of sanctions, living under fear. I couldn’t say anything bad about him in public for fear of being executed. I had to run away from his rule.

I ran to Jordan to face anther ruler by name Hussein who was a King. His policy did not allow me to work for a living as an Iraqi citizen residing in Jordan. And, I had to pay approximately $3 dollars per day in fees for being in his country. Under his governance, I was a beggar. My extended family in America was supporting me with money for living.

After catching a break under Clinton’s administration for six years and under Bush’s for eight, my life was really good. Under Clinton, the economy was good and I had good jobs, and under Bush (41) I made good money.

After running away from the two Husseins to America, I opened my eyes to find AGAIN, I am under the rule of a new Hussein. Fear of unemployment, loss of health benefits, and a stifling economy hit my life again in America. I exiled myself back to my original country of Iraq for a good job. With all of that being ironically unbelievable, another surprise of a possible relocation (running away) from Iraq has come. For some (humm) reason, every time I am ruled by Hussein, I have to run away – I can hear the sound of shredders in the background.

Now, of 320 million Americans, who can say this? Who has this serendipitous story in his life? Isn’t it funny? You bet my luck is!…Next time, I will run away from any country that is ruled by HUSSEIN!


U.S. Embassy in Baghdad relocates some staff


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