Following the patterns of Google, Yahoo, and other internet giants, many companies have tried to copy the “cool” domain name principle.  This typically consists of 1-2 catchy syllables.  New startups with names like,  or are examples of domains that cause confusion to people like myself, with English as a 3rd language. I have no idea how to pronounce them.

Secondly, these names create a memory problem. I really will not remember what Awepixels or Banter stand for. I am having a hard time pronouncing it, let alone remember what the website is for. Can you please tell me what is without visiting the website? Can you guess what is it for? These names make it difficult to remember what the site stands for.

Third, a startup should solve a problem that creates value in return. If we are solving a problem, shouldn’t the domain name reference an answer to the problem in at least 2-3 words? Why not have it provide an understanding of the startup’s mission?

I just purchased a domain name called and asked a rep what they thought of it.  They responded, “Immediately, I think of restaurants and menu with tons of pictures, just like” – GoDaddy Rep.

I am very happy to hear that GoDaddy echoes my domain name convention. What do you think? What is your opinion?

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