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She was the cause of firing seven people, but her 9th life must have been up. She made problems at every place she worked. And, I ended up scratching the left side of a beautiful BMW out of jealousy. And, why me?

Here is my view about this “Karma” thing!

I believe the universe has a place called “Karma Bank”. And believe it or not, it has a compound interest of good and bad.

I know the word “Karma” has a religious meaning much deeper than my usage here. I also know many people are allergic to religious language. I understand; I get allergic to some religious discussions. I take pills for it. But, this is not a religious blog, and I am using the word “Karma” only in the sense of: “I do bad things, I get bad things back. I do good things, I get back good things.”

I know a coworker for almost a year and half. She worked in a very prestige place. She was on holiday in America mostly likely spending a lot of money. She maybe went around informing people about her new position. Then in the climax of her happiness on her holiday while enjoying time with her family; she got an email from corporate informing her that “Her service is no longer needed.”

I am sure by now you feel bad for her. But allow me to share her employment history. Her reputation in our linguist community is bad in Iraq. She has abused her position and personal connection with higher command to remove any person she didn’t like. She is known to have been the cause of firing seven people from their jobs in her previous assignments. About two months ago, I witnessed her tactical job coup on her last coworker causality by taking his position. Many of our coworkers and clients were very happy to see her removed from our contract.

This is a personal blog with a personal title. So to be fair, I have to share my personal debt-cashing-Karma. I will share one of the earliest stories from my own life. It is one of the earliest signs where I started to notice a strange behavior.

Imagine you are one of the people who are going north on Lake Shore Drive in Chicago, and three minutes before it ends, you see on your left two people pushing a car at around 3:00am in cold weather. You feel bad for them – wishing it not to happen to you. I am one of these two people who did a bad thing. I remember very well, one day after leaving a night club in Chicago in my early 20s, I saw this beautiful new BMW parked on the side of the street. I looked at it; out of an anger and jealousy, I keyed the left side of the car. My personal justification at that time was “I was poor”. I cannot afford to buy a nice car to show off in front of girls to go out with me – not for myself to drive, but for girls!

It cost me about $500 to fix my car, which I am sure was equal to the deductible insurance amount for the owner of BMW.

These were during my asshole years.

I can tell you a few more stories like this, until I started to notice these strange phenomena. I do bad things, bad things happen to me. I screamed to someone during the day, by the end of day, rest assure, someone screamed back at me – or a few days later.

Now, I believe in this “Karmic Bank”. It has debt and credit. On a daily basis, I try to deposit goodness in my personal account. If I do something bad, I try to balance my Karmic debt. This might sound funny, stupid, unrealistic, or call it as you like, but for the past 15 years I am paying attention to this, and NOT one day has failed me. Whatever vice you indulge in, remember karmic compound!

I don’t like my negative Karmic debt to be compounded. I like my positive debt to be compounded. I like good things to happen to me. And, good things do happen to people like me!

One last thing, please don’t take my parking spot, you might find that you have a flat tire when you get back- just kidding J

It is my choice to be good, and not in fear of anyone else, but for the sake of living a good moral life.

Ponder on these:

karma has no deadline

: My Karmic Law:

– For every good action, there is an equal or more goodness reaction back!

– For every bad action, there is an equal or more badness reaction back!

: Compound Karmic:

– Karmic compound is powerful – think of your compounded bad deeds.

: Religious perspective

– Your offspring might be paying for your vices. Jewish faith has this believe.

– A needed cup of water will not go unrewarded it. Christian faith

: Connecting dots:

– You took advantage of someone; someone will take advantage of you.

– You cheated someone with money; you will end up losing money somewhere else.

– You ignored someone; you will get ignored by someone else.


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