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– Flying 45,000 feet above Europe on Turkish Airways having a flashback of the last 24 hours.

You arrived at your cubical office. You are feeling cold and hot – confused. It is sixty four degrees outside. While waiting for your computer to boot up, you put your iPhone on silent mode. You take a data hit: 8:10am, three voice mails, 15 emails and 20 cc emails, $3,251.22 in checking account, five bills to pay on top of monthly mortgage. You have been four months working away from your family across the Atlantic Ocean, your wife just got laid off, your kid needs money, and four months living alone overseas – you get a total amnesia!!! You look again at your work badge. You see “N” – It stands for “Non-direct”, but you know deep inside you, it means – “Nothing”


Mark, who is your manager, comes to your cubical and tells you a very quick “good morning”, then another hits: “Can we talk privately?”

Looking straight at him talking, you see him. I mean you do see him, but you cannot hear him. Then, you start to feel something. It is something you are eating, but you are not eating. It tastes bad!

It hits you again – It is the “Shit Sandwich” – You are trapped between insults and thank you.

Mark: “Thank you Nino for doing a good job the past two years.” (Slice of bread number one)

“- I am sorry. You have been let go!” (The shit – the meat)

“- But, I appreciate the value you have been contributing to this job.” (Slice of bread number two)

You: complete silence – all you think of is “Water”.

Suddenly, you wake up from your data-amnesia-coma by a flight attendant from flight 735 Turkish Airway facing your next biggest question:

Flight attendant: “Sir, Chicken or beef?”

You: “Hummm? – Chicken please!”

You ate the chicken, but you didn’t sense the taste.

The next ten hours will be a fight of your life – a fight between you and emotions. Your emotions rise and fall – you are going through an emotional roller coaster.

Your mind is running on fear-unknown-uncertainty-insecurity. Your mind projects you into the future and brings you back to reality.

You are fighting for your life…for you are a survivor!

It is an epic battle of your life… your battle Royale!

You hear the sound of your heart beat!

You don’t know what is next!

If you have not been in this, then sooner or later you will face similar situation. I’ve been there. I know how it feels. I wasn’t prepared.

The question remains: What is going to be your order?


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