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On April 14, I shipped approximately $6,000 dollars worth of personal items to my house using DHL service at the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad. Ten days later, my mother called me and told me that “this girl from DHL has called the house four times… and she needs you to call her back ASAP”  I called the lady, and was informed that my package has been held by U.S. Custom; they need some personal identification so that the package is released. I provided the identification. My packaged was released. I thought the story ended!

On April 25 around 10pm Iraq local time, my mother called me and informed me that my package was received. I had told her previously that I sent my vacation clothes. After she opens the package, she discovered the content does not belong to me. She called me again to inform me about the bad news.

Somehow by unknown reason, my mail was switched with Vatican mail. Wait!!! Not any mail, but Diplomatic Italian Embassy mail! I ended up with sensitive items from the Italian Government. This is a huge security issue. This is Geneva law violation.


After few screams between myself and my mother, I called DHL and started to scream.

I was highly irritated, even though I am frustrated, I can still laugh about it. I am writing the story as events continue to unfold. I have been in suspense the past few days. I am waiting for the Holy Pope Francis (I love him) to come out wearing my Gucci belt, Paul & Shark t-shirts, Diesel Jeans, and Prada glasses. I am looking for a mathematician to calculate the odds of something as strange as this happening to me. Where are the mathematicians when I need them? I place the odds of the story I’m about to tell you more close to lottery odds.

Things happen for a reason. This is one of the stories that became a dot in my life. I hope to connect this dot to other dots later. I feel super lucky now. I should start playing poker; go places; pass job interviews; or be able to pick up on any girl I like.

From this point and on, things will turn my way!

I am blessed…My clothes have been blessed!

As the writing of this blog, DHL investigation is still going on to find out how it happened. But, we know what happened.

This is a VERY big deal.

Someone may get fired at DHL because of this!

I can imagine a few archbishops standing over my DHL box praying something like this:

“Thank you Jesus for sending these expensive clothes!”…”Thank you Jesus for even sending us these fashion brands!”…”You see, Jesus loves us, and sent us a gift from heaven”…”Thank you Jesus for the free gifts”

“Can you send us cash next time?”…”How are we going to tell the Holy Pope about this?”

Me: “Nooooooooooooooooooo!!!!”…”It is my clothes God!!! I need them back!”

I am still waiting to get my clothes back!

This blog to be continued…

Happy Ending!

On May 5, as Mexicans were celebrating Cinco de Mayo day in the United State, I was celebrating the arrival of my clothes in Baghdad. Even though there were mistakes in the process, I testify to the integrity of DHL business. My clothes arrived to my house without any missing items – to this I am thankful.



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