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The future is crazy. No plan or strategy could lead to a predictable future. The future makes unexpected wrong or right turns.

Thinking about the future is stressful. The uncertainty becomes a sleep killer. It is like a ghost haunting me at night. My brain possesses me. It torments me. I try to drink wine, take Melatonin pills, and put Lavender oil on my pillow to relax and fall asleep. I end up turning and tossing until it is 4:00am. It gets me even more frustrated when I have only three hours left before I need to wake up.

Looking back at my life, I see I am living a crazy future. I invested time and money (planned) to be a computer programmer, but ended up working as a linguist. I spent seven years to obtain B.S. (Bullshit) and M.S. (More Bullshit) in Computer Science, learning many things at a cost of $85k, but ended up using an inherited language – my second language – Arabic. It earned me more money than my investment in education.

With this crazy future, anything is possible. Silicon Valley could make Steve Jobs a Saint. Turkey, a secular nation will turn to be an Islamic nation. Iran, an Islamic nation, could turn to a secular nation. The U.S. dollar could collapse and Americans would migrate to Latin countries.

the inn coming

Here is a funny episode with my own crazy future:

During my twenties, I used to go clubbing with my friends in downtown Chicago. We were ‘regulars’ at Excalibur, Club 720, Deja Vu, and Pasha to name a few.

A little did I know, my thirties brought with them different type of ‘clubbing’. During Saddam’s time, I wasn’t even allowed to walk near the American Embassy wall. Less then twenty years later, I ended up working inside it.

I never planned or imagined that in my thirties I would be working within the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad. Located near the Dutch, Italian, and British Embassies, my friends and I started to attend their nightly entertainment events ‘clubbing’. Life was good. But crazy future came to us with another crazy turn.

ISIS launched an attack on the western side of Baghdad. They came within a few miles of Baghdad International Airport. I never imagined ISIS to be our neighbors.

They spoiled our nightly events with their Donkey theme parties. Our blessed American drones captured an ISIS member having sex with a donkey. There goes the neighborhood!!!

(I am not making this up – watch the video)


It is difficult to deal with uncertainty – I get it. But, I believe we need to  embrace it and not be afraid. Though not necessarily the kind of embrace that includes fucking a donkey.

Crazy things will happen to us, but good crazy things could happen too!


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