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Follow your passion!” is an advice I hear in TED talks, motivational YouTube videos, books, and from every successful entrepreneur. These three words have become a de facto standard for a career advice.

I am turning forty this year. I have tried those prescription lists offered in self-help books, and I have watched many TED talk videos. And still cannot find my passion.

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They all recommended digging deeper into my childhood and remembering things I loved. Things I dreamed to be when I was a child.

So, I did. I excavated my memory. I wanted to be a preacher. I wanted to be a guitar player. I wanted to be a programmer. And I tried them all. I spoke in churches. I took guitar lessons. And what happened? I became a skeptic. I couldn’t learn to play. And after four years of programming, I hate it.

But what I hated then was writing and I disliked reading.

Today, I enjoy writing and love reading.

I realized that passion is just a feeling. What I like today, I may hate tomorrow. What I enjoy today, it may bore me tomorrow. And what I love today, I may divorce tomorrow. Feelings change all the time. It is our human nature.

Our natural ability betrays us, and our feelings deceive us.

I stopped looking for my passion. I started looking for an opportunity to experience new things.

Follow your passion!” is not only a bad advice but a great scam.

I decided to stop watching TED talks or reading any book or article that recommends this advice.

Oh!…One more thing. I will not read any article that cites the Silicon Valley saint or Imam Steve  Jobs as an example anymore. If I started to read an article and came across Jobs name, I will stop reading the article.


P.S. Have you read this: “Living with the curse of wanting it all


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