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I hope you enjoyed your New Year’s Eve.  Mine was bad. I spent it with strangers listening to music I don’t enjoy. What made it even worse is that I had a 3-day pass to either Dubai or Lebanon. I chose not to go.

You see, part of life is about memories. I try to collect good ones.  This time, I collected a bad one by staying in Baghdad.

However, from Iraq-American politics, to cultural differences, to Assyrianism, to reading, to travel, to beauty, and with some humor, and a few vodka drinks between T-walls, I downloadwas able to capture 2016 in 36 blogs.

I may not be in the public eye, but you and I are 24/7 in the social eye.  We have a social self.  It is a live document updated with every facebook, twitter, and blog posts.

I am writing about now, which is soon to be the past.  I am not going to be able to literally relive these experiences.  My memory will decline as time passes. With blogging at least, I will be able to see myself in lost memories. They are the souvenirs from my earlier self.

I hope you enjoy some of the posts.


  1. 27,000 Words in One SketchNotes
  1. New Year’s Eve with Absolut Vodka
  1. “Some” is modifying speaking culture
  1. The Rise and Fall of the Arab and Muslim World


  1. Beauty and Free Will
  1. Forget about Passion!
  1. American Psychopath 2020
  1. Cultural Differences between Iraq and America


  1. Names that Echo History
  1. LinkedIn Post
  1. Life Goal of Reading 10,000 Books


  1. Part 1- Chicago and the Assyrian Vote
  1. Part 2- A Flâneur in Istanbul
  1. Part 3- Bangkok between Anticipation and Reality
  1. Part 4- My Small Window into Dubai
  1. Why is Important to Say “Radical Islam”?


  1. Power Food for my Brain
  1. The Significance of Assyrian-American Convention
  1. A Quick Prescription to Eliminate Islamic Terrorism
  1. Adding Insult to Injury – the Victimizing of Victims in Post ISIS Iraq


  1. Love Secrets
  1. Understanding Iraqi Society
  1. Mustafa’s Lament


  1. Run Away from Baghdad – On Travel


  1. Always a Drama Always a Victim
  1. My 40th Birthday at AANF with the New Americans


  1. The Assyrian Conference of Professionals
  1. What is Political Prostitution?


  1. Cousin Inc.
  1. Thanksgiving Baghdad 2016
  1. How will I Explain it to my Child?
  1. Moral Hero?


  1. 14,997 Pages and One Book
  1. A Window into Iraq’s Humor
  1. Stairway to Saddam’s Palace
  1. Five Years between T-Walls

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