Few of us are granted the grace to know ourselves, and until we do, maybe the best we can do is be consistent“. Open by Agassi

I mentioned in my blog entitled “Life Goal of Reading 10,000 Books” that it’s difficult to hear my dad repeating the same questions every time I call home. He is losing his short-term memory. It’s even more difficult to see him losing his cognitive ability at the age of 76. This has made me obsessed about improving my brain specifically and self-development in general.

I’m placing my faith in a concept called the “Compound Formula”, which professes that small improvements on a daily basis will result in enormous benefits after 5,10, or 30 years. It’s the same concept used in mortgage lending, that makes us pay three to four times the purchase price of the house over the life of a 30 year mortgage.

I owe it to myself, it’s a decision I made the first day I arrived in America. So, I strive every single day to practice a few simple habits for my betterment. Improving the health of my brain is one of the areas I focus on.

coconuts and walnuts

I don’t want to feel myself already losing cognitive power in my 70’s. Besides reading and working out, I continue to refine my eating habits. I made coconut and walnuts a major part of my daily diet. They are powerful foods for the brain, which help in boosting mood, stimulating neuron repair and much more. I consume about 5-10 walnuts and three spoons of coconut flakes every single day. These items have become part of my daily ritual of brain health.

Reading, physical fitness, and eating healthy food, every single day, should result in improving and prolonging our cognitive ability.

I’d like to enjoy my future kids, and remember the names of my grandchildren well into my 80’s, or beyond as I cross the Rubicon of my cognitive limits.


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