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Summer came fast skipping spring this year in Baghdad. It’s breaking a record and becoming the hottest city in World with temperatures at 120 degrees. Crickets are appearing everywhere at night running away from the heat also. It makes the combination of ubiquitous dust, heat, and crickets feels disgusting.  You just want to run away from Baghdad.


I experience the same feeling every time before I leave Baghdad on holiday. The anticipation of travel is amplified by my current quality of life. I live a restricted lifestyle in the middle of Baghdad surrounded by T-walls. The points of my routine work-workout-eat-sleep reflect the same pattern. My answer to the “How is your day?” question has been reduced to it’s simplest form – a copy and paste of yesterday.

That makes me fall prey to beautiful Google images of Santorini. Their power seduces me, removing any sense of rational intelligence. I am left with no choice. Suddenly, I am planning a ruinously expensive trip.

Finally, I took a step toward my sense of freedom by buying an airline ticket – an act that will set in motion the long journey home. The ticket is a key to unlock the chains of routine hanging around my neck.

The anticipation of travel makes me happy. I like the period between buying a ticket and flying. Something good is out there, and I have a sense of moving toward that horizon rather than departing from it.

For me, it is the arrival to the beginning of the holiday that signals the countdown back to the default of life.

In travel, I feel the sense of existence.



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