I’ll be spending thanksgiving shoulder-to-shoulder with soldiers, coalition forces, and diplomats at a communal dinner in Iraq, away from my family for the fourth year.

Ouch! …It hurts. Seriously.


However, I’m thankful for many things. I’m especially thankful for my one year anniversary. This past 17 of November marked the birth of my Coffee Shop Politics platform. With more than 20 posts and 18,000+ words, I can’t believe myself, I have come this far. I’m thankful for all those who helped in making them better, and those who read and continue to read my posts.

When diplomats come and shake my hand, and people write me back saying things like “this article should be framed & hung on the wall!” I am honored. It encourages me to share more and be part of a collective to advance further the Assyrian narrative.

Destiny took me back to Iraq. I’ve played the hand I was dealt. For eight years, I lived a reality that was hidden away from news channels, PowerPoints slides, and statistics. My political views have emerged from the front-lines of American Foreign Policy. I’ve become a cultural hybrid – the semicolon between East and West.

And with that said, I like to share with you the first post that started it all.

Assyrians…Coffee shop politics…what is next for Iraq?